Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ivy Trendwatch: Ralph Lauren’s Updated Sack Suit

Polo Ralph Lauren has finally released images to Ivy-Style of its Fall/Winter 2010 collection, which include a new silhouette in the Blue Label line. This updated sack suit was first reported by WWD Men’s about two months ago, which was picked up by Valet, and since then has been sitting in Ivy-Style’s Ephemera column under the title “Natural shoulder, no darts at RL.”

Now we get a closer look of what the suits and sportcoats will look like. Polo has also released the following description:

A new suit jacket inspired by an antique sack suit is one of Polo Tailored Clothing’s most distinguished statements for fall. Defined by an easy natural shoulder and dart-less front, the jacket is fashioned in washed tweed that has a beautiful drape and exceptionally soft hand.

If you’re on the svelte side, the cut is a great blending of Ivy League heritage with a modern, tailored fit. There are no darts, but still shaping at the waist. Just because it’s called a “sack” doesn’t mean it has to fit like one, and darts, after all, are only one means of waist supression.

Sportcoats will be priced at $1,095-$1,295, with suits going for $1,295. — CC

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